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400 Installation Instructions

403 Installation Instructions

Engineering Drawing - 402

Engineering Drawing - 400



The 400 series of bronze thru-hull transducers provide readings on depth, boat speed and surface water temperature in a single unit.

Model 400 (pictured) is designed for a single element for the depth function and is available in several frequencies and beam widths including dual frequency and dual beam width.

Model 402 has a longer body and will accommodate two elements of different frequencies or two elements of the same frequency.

Both models offer a standard stem length of 3.75" or a long stem of 6" for thicker hulls.  A precut fairing/leveling block is available to facilitate installation.

A feature of these models is the use of a two cable system out of the transducer.  One cable is for the speed/temperature module and the other for the depth element.  This design provides for easy replacement of the speed/temperature module should a failure occur.  The short cables have waterproof connectors and attach to the mating plugs on the main cable to the sounder.

Furthermore, by the use of two stems, a more secure attachment to the hull is assured and the fore & aft alignment is maintained should the transducer be struck by a submerged object.

The retractable speed/temperature module has double O-ring seals and a blank plug is provided when the module is removed for cleaning or inspection.