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RADARSONICS INC. has brought the space age technology of digital signal processing (DSP) to a line of its high performance commercial transducers.  The ACTIVE TRANSDUCER technology employed by RADARSONICS INC. now gives the recreational boater an additional option for configuring an onboard electronics package to suit his/her individual needs.  The new ACTIVE TRANSDUCER can be integrated with any device capable of reading the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) data string format.  Devices such as a NMEA Repeater, a  Chart Plotting system or a PC based charting system can now be upgraded with an ACTIVE TRANSDUCER to display additional information such as depth and water temperature.  Just one of the many benefits of this new DSP technology is that you don't need to have a separate display on your boat to display the depth and temperature data.  The ACTIVE TRANSDUCER feeds the data directly into other displays, such as your  Chart Plotting system.  For more in-depth information about the technology behind ACTIVE TRANSDUCERS, click here.

Below is the family line of products the ACTIVE TRANSDUCER technology is offered in:

AT408 Retractable - This is a low profile thru-hull fitting transducer.  The retractable insert feature allows for easy  transducer removal for inspection or repair without the expensive hassle of pulling the boat out of the water.  Each retractable unit is supplied with a blanking plug.  The model AT408 is offered in a corrosive resistant bronze housing (shown at right), or in a less expensive glass-filled nylon housing.


AT408 Non-Retractable - This configuration of the AT408 offers all the benefits of the AT408 Retractable with the exception that the Transducer insert is fixed within the housing and cannot be removed.

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AT250 - This is a high speed, high performance transom mounted transducer that incorporates digital signal processing.  The Model AT250 offers the maximum performance for your boat in a high speed transom mounted transducer.  In addition, the Model AT250 is designed to be easily retro-fitted on to vessels that have either the Model 231, Model 236, Model 238 or Model 250 installed.  Just remove the mounting hardware and replace the transducer, as the  Model AT250 employs the same mounting footprint.

Note:  The models above are offered in either the 1,000 foot (Depth) or the lower cost 450 foot version.

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